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The Windsor Suite

A unique and luxurious service – offering a seamless and memorable journey through Heathrow. Private, personal and exclusive, this is the ultimate airport experience.

The Windsor Suite


Introducing The Windsor Suite at Heathrow Airport, where exclusive luxury meets unparalleled convenience. Designed for those who seek privacy and efficiency, our suite offers a serene escape from the hustle of airport life. Enjoy bespoke services, from private check-ins to seamless security processes, all within the comfort of an elegantly appointed lounge. The Windsor Suite is your gateway to a refined travel experience.



Experience unparalleled luxury with The Windsor Suite at Heathrow, where every step of your journey is seamlessly integrated for your comfort. Say goodbye to the usual airport chaos and enjoy a personalized route within our exclusive lounge. From private security screenings to streamlined passport control and discreet baggage handling, we've got it all covered in one place. Relax in our opulent waiting areas, enjoy complimentary amenities, and choose between being escorted to the Duty-Free area or directly to your gate in a private vehicle. The Windsor Suite redefines airport convenience, offering you a tranquil start to your travels.


- Private terminal entrance welcomes you warmly, escorts you to the lounge hall, and takes care of your luggage.

- A security procedure will take place privately after seating.

- While resting and enjoying our special food and beverages at the lounge hall, our agent will take care of your luggage and check them in. And the security for handbags & passport control will be done at the private terminal complex.

- For your convenience, after crossing the border, you can enjoy the duty-free shop located in the terminal complex.

- Before boarding time we will drive the passengers by a luxury car through the airspace directly to the gate/aircraft.


- Dedicated VIP agent will meet the passenger at the exit aircraft sleeve.

- Driven with a luxury car from the aircraft through airspace to the private terminal.

- Clear costume, immigration, security for handbags and passport control in the private terminal.

- While resting and enjoying our special food and beverages at the lounge hall, one of our agents will collect your luggage.

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